Banking and Financial Employee Screening


United States Homeland Investigations, Inc.™ (USHII) has been providing background checks, drug testing and employee verifications for over a decade. We understand the importance our services provide to the banking and finance industry to know not only who they are doing business with, but also the employees they have conducting business for them. USHII can assist in designing a solution customized exclusively for your organization.

Today, knowing your customer through a customer identification program, “CIP” is your key to complying with federal law. However, it is equally as important to know your employee. A significant amount of fraud and other criminal activity results from the collusion between an employee and a third party. USHII will provide your pre-employment screening as well as scheduled or “as requested” post-employment checks as well. All of our services are available on our platform 24/7. Our technology is designed to be integrated with virtually any ATS or proprietary platform, making for easy transition and implementation.

United States Homeland Investigations will take care of all your screening needs.

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