Colleges and Other Educational Institutions

United States Homeland Investigations, Inc. ™ (USHII) has been providing background checks, drug testing and employee/student verifications for over a decade. At USHII we understand how important it is to maintain a safe learning and working environment for students and staff. As your administrative funds may be limited, it’s also important to meet these goals cost-effectively. We help schools and other training institutions build background screening solutions specifically for teachers, students, professors, facility coordinators, drivers, coaches, and staff members. Real-time criminal checks and academic/licensing verifications that include a check of the National Sexual Offender Registry will protect your organization from future embarrassing and possible legal situations.

We have two suggested solutions to meet your needs: one for hiring faculty and staff and another for student enrollment.

Faculty/Staff Background Checks

Make sure that your instructors and staff have the experience and education that you expect.

Student Screening and Requirement Management

Our student screening and requirement management solution makes verifying students’ background histories and managing other program pre-requisites a breeze.

All of our services are available on our platform 24/7.  Our technology can be integrated with virtually any ATS or proprietary platform, making for easy transition and implementation.

Start using a USHII certified solution today.


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