Criminal Records Searches

Common Uses:

  • Used in all industries for all position titles
  • Enables the employer to identify past high-risk behavior
  • Ensures a safe work environment by detecting any past violent crimes

The U.S. court system structure makes it impossible for an employer to personally conduct a complete search confirming that an applicant has no prior criminal activity. Employers must outsource and select a criminal search program that is both reasonable and cost-effective.

With access to more than 3,400 misdemeanor and felony courts throughout the United States, USHII can provide you with a comprehensive criminal record search to make certain that your workforce and customers are protected. All USHII criminal searches include both felonies and misdemeanors, at no additional cost to our clients. USHII provides this level of detail because a significant percent of felony charges are pled down to misdemeanor convictions.

United States Homeland Investigations offers multiple criminal background checks and we work with our clients to make sure the program you select meets your risk factors and specific needs.

  • Real-Time Criminal Jurisdiction Searches
  • 5-year, 7-year (industry standard) and 10-year Criminal History Searches
  • Metro Area Criminal Searches
  • Multi-state Criminal Search and National Criminal Database Search
  • Combination Criminal Searches and Expanded Criminal Searches
  • National & State Sex Offender Registries
  • OFAC Search
  • International Criminal Record Searches


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